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It is really inciting to see the Canadian map light up with APRS stations. This has all happened over a short period. The efforts by WCARC to obtain some low-cost GPS20's has resulted in numerous trackers being introduced. Also, many people have MIMs now.

Several of these will convert to "blind" trackers. By this, what we mean is that they don't wait to listen before they transmit. If the channel is busy, there will be a lot of collisions, and it will result in some erroneous packets. To help in decreasing congestion, please put ignition control on your tracker.

Even if you have your GPS wired on full time and your radio on ignition control, it will work perfectly. The unproto path on trackers need to be set to APRS VIA RELAY, WIDE or APRS VIA RELAY, WIDE, WIDE. Also, the time on these can be set to 1 minute or 2 minutes and they work precisely. Please do not set it for less except for specific occasions.

Canadian automatic packet reporting systems